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Horn Ok Please - Peosym Perfume

Horn Ok Please - Peosym Perfume

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Fragrance Journey: Begin with an invigorating spritz of liquid courage, accentuated by a delightful cinnamon roll. Tuberose and Jasmine Sambac bloom magnificently amongst layers of spicy cedarwood and creamy Firsantol, a high-quality synthetic sandalwood substitute.

The latter serves as our tribute to the former, as sandalwood forests in India start recovering and revitalizing. Lastly, Styrax arrives, a special guest in sleek new shoes, adding a unique and captivating note.

It invites you to embrace all components of your identity, especially the quirks that make you so unique. We envision you with Shah Rukh Khan's confident air - infectious dimpled smile, open arms, and a stylish leather coat. (Disclaimer: We've never met him).




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